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Title: Untitled
Author: purity_of_soul 

Chapter: Drabble 1/1
Genre: Melancholy 
Pairing: implied KaixRuki, AoixUruha, AoixRuki
Warnings: none
Comments: I just had to write, something. anything. and yes i was feeling melancholy.
Summary: If only his memory could be like the surroundings that he is seeing now; blurred and unrecognizable.

“Takanori,” his mother’s voice caught his attention but it’s not enough to make him lift his gaze to face her right now. He doesn’t want to do this. Not now… Not when these heavy feelings hovering over him.

“Mother, I-,”

“It’s alright,” he could see a wry smile in her voice as he let her drape his favourite black scarf on his shoulder and tuck in neatly around his neck. “Just… give me a call when it’s getting darker” she patted her palm softly against the fabric.

With a small nod, he slipped into his boots and made a quick dash outside; running as fast as his feet could carry him. The felt of need to run had never been this strong throughout his 21 years of living. He was never born an athlete but today, he just wanted to overrun all the things that had happened. If only his memory could be like the surroundings that he is seeing now; blurred and unrecognizable.
All he had ever wanted to do is to forget. To put them in the past..

But how?

How can a person erase everything that they had gone through?

How can a person forgets the things that they had seetouch and feel?

How can a person push away something that they had held precious close to their beating heart? 

“It’s impossible” his solemn whisper fades; evaporates along with the small puffs of fog of his warm breath. “It’s truly impossible,” He leaned on the barbed fence, his head facing upwards to sky as he panted mildly, trying to catch his breath after the long run.

Finally returning his breathing to normal, it came to his sense to where he is. He is at the small park, near to the small pond. The place where all of them; Aki, Kou, Yuu , Yutaka and Takanori; will hang out and do nothing but stare at the clouds as they talk all but nonsense.
The place where they all share their joy and laughter, their sadness and fears.
 The place where anything reminds him of everything.

A soft chuckle escaped his lips as the first tear rolled down his cheek and he caught it with the back of his hand just in time before it reached down to his scarf. Weak, his inner mind screamed pathetically at him. Yes, he is weak. He had always been the weakest among the people around him. He cries almost too easily at the smallest things.. but he never showed it. He always will make sure no one sees him when he cries. 

Except for him; the boy with the most cheerful laugh among their circle of friends.

The boy whom will always smile and try to bring a smile on Takanori’s lips. The boy whom had always stay when everyone left Takanori behind. The boy whom always had his arms stretched wide open whenever Takanori had nowhere to go. The boy whom had always been one step behind Takanori whenever they walk just to be sure. The boy who had always been there just because he wanted to be there for 
He is Takanori’s sun during the gloomy days,
He is Takanori’s warmth when it rains,
He is Takanori’s everything.
He is Takanori’s Yutaka.

But Yutaka is not here anymore….
The thought was enough to break the dam and let all the tears freefalling, soaking his black scarf. 
_ _

“Taka-chan, you’re here,” his ears caught a familiar voice.

“Yuu,” he exclaimed and quickly wiped his tears with his shirt’s sleeve. “What… what are you doing here?”

“I would ask the same thing from you,” Yuu took a spot beside Takanori; leaning softly against the wire fence.

“I guess it’s just you and me now… eh?” Yuu tried to sound cheerful as he looked at the younger male. “Just the two of us,” his voice gave away at the end of it.

Takanori looked back into those black orbs that was once shined with energy but it is now the exact mirror of his own; lost, broken, hurt. Would it be cruel if he said that he is glad to have someone who shared the pain he is currently feeling or slightly more painful than what he had felt? Takanori lost his Yutaka but Yuu…. Yuu lost his Kouyou and his Akira. Yuu lost his lover and his brother. 

The two of them stayed in silence once again as they gazed up above to the cloudy sky. No words were exchanged. It has no need for any of it. 


“We’ll be okay,”            how can you be so sure?

“We’ll get through this,”             It won’t be easy

“Just.. Don’t leave me.. yet,”        Will you?
“I won’t if you won’t”
“……I won’t”

And Takanori felt Yuu’s fingers slowly latching together with his.
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